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Irrespective of what ever amount of preparation, a final check on whether we are good with respect to all exam guide points is something important to be ticked. Hence sharing this Cert Prep Map to Exam guide. In case you are looking at my complete- all in one guide for GCP PCA preparation, I got you already covered too here!

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Module 1: Designing and planning a cloud solution architecture

1.1 Designing a solution infrastructure that meets business requirements. Considerations include:

· Business use cases and product strategy: Best practices for enterprise organizations, Implementing policies for customer use cases

· Cost optimization: Performance and cost optimization

· Supporting the application design: Google Cloud system design considerations

· Integration with external systems: Using APIs from an External Network

· Movement of data: Data lifecycle

· Build, buy, or modify, Success measurements (e.g., key performance indicators [KPI], return on investment [ROI], metrics):KPIs for APIs: How Metrics Change Over Time

· Compliance and observability: Security, privacy, and compliance

1.2 Designing a solution infrastructure that meets technical requirements. Considerations include:

· High availability and failover design :Overview of the high availability configuration

· Elasticity of cloud resources with respect to quotas and limits: Working with quotas

· Scalability to meet growth requirements: Reliability

· Performance and latency: Performance and cost optimization

1.3 Designing network, storage, and compute resources. Considerations include:

· Integration with on-premises/multi-cloud environments : Hybrid and multi-cloud architecture patterns

· Cloud-native networking (VPC, peering, firewalls, container networking): VPC network overview)

· Then, Selecting data processing technologies: Data processing, Dataflow, Dataproc

· Selecting appropriate storage types (e.g., object, file, RDBMS, NoSQL, NewSQL) : Google Cloud Databases

· Choosing to compute resources (e.g., preemptible, custom machine type, specialized workload): Compute, Creating a VM Instance with a custom machine type

· Mapping compute needs to platform products: Google Cloud products

1.4 Creating a migration plan (i.e., documents and architectural diagrams). Considerations include:

1.5 Envisioning future solution improvements. Considerations include:

Module 2. Managing and provisioning a solution Infrastructure

2.1 Configuring network topologies. Considerations include:

2.2 Configuring individual storage systems. Considerations include:

2.3 Configuring compute systems. Considerations include:

Module 3. Designing for security and compliance

3.1 Designing for security. Considerations include:

3.2 Designing for compliance. Considerations include:

Module 4: Analyzing and optimizing technology and business processes

4.1 Analyzing and defining technical processes. Considerations include:

4.2 Analyzing and defining business processes. Considerations include:

4.3 Developing procedures to ensure the resilience of solution in production (e.g., chaos engineering, penetration testing) : Patterns for scalable and resilient apps

Module 5: Managing implementation

5.1 Advising development/operation team(s) to ensure successful deployment of the solution. Considerations include:

5.2 Interacting with Google Cloud using GCP SDK (gcloud, gsutil, and bq). Considerations include:

Module 6. Ensuring solution and operations reliability

· Monitoring/logging/profiling/alerting solution : Introduction to alerting, Alerting behavior

· Deployment and release management : Google Cloud Deployment Manager

· Assisting with the support of solutions in operation : Cloud Monitoring, Operations

· Evaluating quality control measures : Google security whitepaper

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